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    Ramos - Spain HQ 19.11.13

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    He was very proactive against Tottenham, very dynamic, the best people had seen for quite a long time. The fact he recovered so well from his injury is not about the medical department, but his feeling. He wants to be back. He’ll come back good. He will score! He has shown good dedication and work during this period (internationals), almost all day everyday, so he’s back. He knows important matches are coming up and he wants to play a part in them, hopefully scoring one or two goals. - José Mourinho about Fernando Torres

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    ✖ Xavi+Andres Iniesta

    >..I am so used of him to playing by my side, that I don’t looking for him on the pitch any more. I know where he is, always….

    Xavi Hernandez

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  4. Lukas Podolski pointing out a diver and calling him a ‘cry baby’

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